Lombos, Pál

Member of our orchestra since 2004. He is the leader and contrabassist of the Swing á la Django, and the director and producer of the Heureka Music Agency.

His favourite composers: Beethoven, Mozart.

His favourite composition: Händel-Harvorsen: Passacaglia.

He is married, father of two children.

He likes mixing pop music with symphony orchestral sound. In the previous years as a producer he proved it with a lot of sold out, joint concerts of BDO and other Hungarian mainstream orchestras.

I love the atmosphere of the rehearsals, the collegiality, the professionalism of my colleagues, and their commitment to music. After the long process of rehearsals I love the excitement of the concert when we give our 120%, and we get an outstanding musical experience playing together.

In the last 14 years I and the orchestra have been growing up on the instructions and guidance of Gábor Hollerung, and I became a professional musician thanks to him and to this excellent orchestra.
Day by day, rehearsal by rehearsal I feel happier and luckier to have the possibility of working here. I wish us another two 25th anniversaries as beautiful as the current one.”