Bánhegyi, Tünde (princpial second violin)

She has been a member of our orchestra since 2009, and she has been one of the second violin section’s principal since 2013. She also teaches, performs with her quartet, the Color Quartet in many concerts. She works as a performer, and as a substitute musician for other orchestras.
Her favourite composers are Bach, Verdi and Puccini.
Her favourite composition: Requiem by Verdi

“Besides the BDO, I’ve played in many orchestras but none of them had this good, intimate atmosphere which is characteristic of us: despite the amount of work and the overstressed state, we always help and support each other, and even in the most challenging moments we can inspire each other. It is mainly thanks to our conductor, Gábor Hollerung who did his best, with long years of undiminished work and devotion, to make this orchestra one of the high-standard musical ensemble of Budapest, giving sold-out concerts.

Although he pushes us too hard, besides the steady pace, from time to time he gives space to joy and humour, and we can turn to him personally.
What do I wish for the orchestra? Many memorable and high-quality concerts, cheerful rehearsals, enthusiastic audiences, famous guest artists, lot of fantastic tours. And of course I wish to keep up this team spirit that works so well that even the substitute musicians have noticed it. It would be great to be able to play together with the same faith, energy and joy and to retire from here…”