Horváth, Anita

Member of the orchestra since 2005. She is also a Peter Hess Sound Massage Practitioner. Besides the orchestra, she is engaged in her family, and she gives lectures with the help of Peter Hess therapeutic singing bowls about the importance of vibrations- mainly for children in a playful way.
She has many favourite composers but she likes the most Mozart, Kodály, Bartók. She doesn’t have a favourite composition, she is „omnivorous”.

She is married, she has a son.

She would like to introduce to people the significance of the vibration and the quality music. She would like to show them the importance of the noises and the vibrations that we are surrounded by, and the music that we listen to. This is the reason why she began to use singing bowls that show the harmonious „healing” vibration both in an auditive way and with body sense. Singing bowls harmonize, energize and vitalize us. Her aim is to improve the quality of life of people primarily by using singing bowls.