Szontagh, Márton

Member of the orchestra since 1999 but he has been playing regularly with us since 1996. Besides the orchestra, he teaches at Weiner Leó Secondary School of Music and he is also engaged in pop music.

He cannot name his favourite composer but if he had to he would pick Shostakovich.

To choose his favourite composition is even harder for him. He likes The Bluebeard’s Castle, many compositions of Shostakovich, Serenade (for tenor, horn and strings) by Britten, and Symphony No. 3 by Mahler.

He is fond of birds and he is keen on buying and wearing nice shoes and taking pictures.

„This is my second home. I have been playing here for more than two decades. I like playing here because of the community and the diversity of works, although that can sometimes be overwhelming. Well this part is not really my favourite. I wish us a little rest (especially for the orchestra) and some wonderful musical experiences. I guess it wouldn’t be that bad for the world, either.”