Monoki, Attila

Member of the orchestra since September 1999. Besides the BDO, he is the trumpet player of the Brass in the Five brass quintet and he teaches at Weiner Leó Catholic Secondary School of Music and Primary Art School. He is also a photographer.

His favourite composers are Johann Sebastian Bach, Gustav Mahler and Richard Strauss.

His favourite compositions are Bach’s orchestral pieces, and oratorios, Mahler’s symphonies, and Strauss’s symphonic poems.
Her mother is a clarinet teacher and her father is a cellist of Hungarian Radio Symphony Orchestra.

„I consider myself a lucky person because the two main directions of my life (music and photo shooting) can be my profession and my hobby at the same time.

Anyway who wouldn’t want to play together in a good company of good musicians?

I wish ourselves many times more years in health, happiness, helping each other.”