Lajhó, Barbara

She was born in a family of musicians so music has been part of her life since her childhood. She was about ten years old when she knew for sure that she would like to be a musician. She is grateful to her parents and to destiny that allowed her to do what she likes.

Her favourite composer: Mozart

Her favourite composition: Mozart’s Requiem

“I love how the members of the orchestra can cooperate with each other. We have many concerts that can be challenging sometimes, but at the end we always bring out the best in each other! It’s wonderful to be part of the experience when a lot of people inspire each other on stage. I think Gábor is an excellent conductor, and teacher because he lets us make music. He trusts in us and he knows what we are capable of together. It’s a real treasure in the life of an orchestral musician.
I wish us to be in a good health and to be able to laugh hard and cry in the rehearsals and concerts even after another 25 years!”