Korda, Nikoletta

She is one of the founding members of our orchestra, having played with us ever since the beginning (and a year more).

She prefers not to name just one favourite composer or piece of music: she finds pleasure in whatever the orchestra is playing. She likes putting herself in other people’s shoes, and finds it interesting to look at works through the eyes of others.

She has three sons. Each of them does something different and she thinks that is just fine.

‘First of all, on the occasion of the 2018 anniversary, my wish is for a world of concert-life and an accessible and understanding audience. Along with digitization, I am afraid that my children’s generation will no longer find a “simple” concert interesting enough for the audience to sit in and for the performer or performers to play. Therefore, if I may, I’d like to wish the orchestra the gift of ingenuity. To have the power to stand out from the ‘cultural noise’, while living up to and remaining worthy of the composers and the performers as well as the programme, the concert venue and the spirit.”