Pálinkás, Péter

Official member of the orchestra since 2008, Péter has also been a teacher at Szent István Király Music Secondary School and Music Elementary School for 15 years and founding member of the four-time international competition winner Corpus Trombone Quartet established in 2001.

His favourite composition is ever changing. For five years now it has been Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 6.

Favourite conductors: W. Furtwängler, V. Gergiev and Gergely Kesselyák

Favourite composers: Wagner, Richard Strauss, Franz Liszt and Béla Bartók

‘I’m happy to be part of this outstanding orchestra. I believe – as I’m sure many others do here – that I work in one of the orchestras with the best vibes in Hungary.

 Upon our 25th anniversary in 2018 I wish Dohnányi Orchestra at least another 100 years which I hope we and our successors will be able to play through with no financial difficulties at all. And for the world and the global management of Planet Earth I wish that they start to tune in classical music as soon as possible, cease all plans of war immediately and enjoy the wonderful soul-healing power of music.

And last but not least I wish that my teeth stay in good shape (a healthy set of teeth is a must for a trombone player), so that I can participate in the orchestra’s 68th season opening concert with the same vigour and delight as I play now.’