Kusz, Viktória

Member of the Orchestra since 2000, although has been playing with us continuously since 1998. She has been the principal of the viola section since the beginning. Aside from the Orchestra she is also member of BDZ Quartet, a string quartet formed by the members of the orchestra. This also greatly helps her work for the orchestra.

She has two children, Lili and Balázs.

From the very first time, she was captivated by the special atmosphere that she had never experienced elsewhere. It soon became clear to her that their working relationship with conductor Gábor Hollerung is excellent, so she almost immediately knew that this orchestra would be her long term choice. She never regretted that decision. She strives to show people the joys of music and playing music together from concert to concert.

‘To this day, I feel challenged and honoured to be accepted by the people sitting behind me and for moving along in the same direction for many years. Many friendships developed within the orchestra have now been part of our everyday life for two decades. I love this orchestra and the people working here. I come in every morning with good feelings and wish all of us to have at least as many years together, toilsome yet joyful, as there are already behind us all.’

‘I really love our diverse repertoire, to be a member of this group is a tremendous experience for me. Of course it is also a fantastic feeling to play in front of a full house audience at all times. For me, to learn ever harder programmes is a constant challenge yet it is extraordinarily inspiring. Upon our 2018 anniversary I wish at least 25 more years for us all – that is, I want to retire from here!’