Ortutay, Réka

Réka has been a member of our orchestra since 2008, but she has been the one to prepare the publications of the orchestra since the ‘90-ies. She is one of the founders and currently the layout editor of our orchestra’s PR magazine, Hangoló (“Tuner”).

Her obvious choice for a favourite composer is Mozart.
Her favourite pieces: everything by Mozart, and Vivaldi’s concertos. As a choir singer she prefers old music and the choral works of Bach, Handel and Mendelssohn. And of course Levente Gyöngyösi’s first symphony, dedicated to the orchestra, is very dear to her as its première was one of the most inspired events in BDO’s history.

She first graduated as a teacher of German as a foreign language at ELTE (Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest – the tr.), then got a layout and image editor’s diploma from MÚOSZ (National Association of Hungarian Journalists – the tr.), and then she graduated as a Chinese medicinal and junior spinal therapist at ShenNong Institute.

Already as a child she developed a strong affection for music because of the opera season ticket she shared with her grandmother and mother. At the age of 10 she started to play the guitar but at 15 she made her first contact with Gábor Hollerung’s choir and got instantly sucked in. It’s been a continuous, unfailing love story between her and music ever since.

“Dohnányi Orchestra is a great love! Although sometimes work is nerve wrecking and we have faced many desperate financial situations, there are also those legendary concerts like A Hero’s Life by Strauss or Symphony No. 1 by Gyöngyösi that swipe all such troubles away. I really like working here because I come home here every day, and thanks to Boss’ trust in me, apart from doing the usual administrative tasks, occasionally I can also try my hand at being a film editor or script writer. We are like a big family: we do a lot of brainstorming together and we also realise the best of our ideas. And the musicians always go beyond our expectations.
May we have many more inspired concerts and much joy in our work. I wish that the present inspirational atmosphere should remain with us and that BDO should once be given the moral and financial appreciation it deserves.”