Ódor, Lajos

Lajos has been working at the orchestra since 2011.

He doesn’t have a favourite composer.

His favourite piece of music is Dubrovay: Piano concerto no. 3.

His original qualifications are administrational economist, financial economist and welfare officer.

He lives a quiet life with his life companion; he has two children and – for now – two grandchildren.

He deems the following thoughts of Olivér Berkes important: “Everyone – independent of their mothertongue, birth place or culture of origin – can understand the language of music since it is composed of rhythms and sounds that bring out emotions from all of us. Thus, it is a wondrous conveying tool of a message.”

“I feel being cared about at BDO! By the time I hit home in the evening, I am completely exhausted after all the statistics, bank transfers and drilling and carving. Musicians, however, know how