Simkó-Várnagy, Mihály

Member of the orchestra since 2006. He considers himself a non-stop musician. He is interested in many music genres, he teaches and makes arrangements.
He is fond of Slavic Romanticism, but he believes that every style has its own genius so he cannot pick a favourite composer or a favourite composition. Every era and genre has its own masterpieces, and he has a lot of favourites in the history of music.

He comes from a family of musicians: both of his parents are active classical musicians. He is married.

He is not only a classical musician but also a qualified jazz musician. He actively plays pop, rock, electronic music and crossover genres. He can play the electric cello and use looping techniques. In addition to solo performances he also plays in Infusion Trio, a group he himself founded.

„BDO is an ideal environment and it has a loving atmosphere. I wish us 250 years more!”