Budafok Dohnányi Orchestra closes its 2021 Zemplén Festival concert series with a special concert that has become a trademark of the orchestra. It will take the form of the “Comprehensible Music” series, i.e. playing film soundtracks introduced by conductor’s explanations, thereby combining Gábor Hollerung’s peculiar styled, suggestive and captivating explanations with the magic of film music. In this unique concert, the orchestra will play a selection of music from its recently released Sound of Movies album.

On this occasion, the greatest composers of modern film soundtracks – Erich Wolfgang Korngold, May Steiner and Bernard Hermann – will be featured. Hermann’s Citizen Kane and Steiner’s Casablanca represent the films and soundtracks that defined pre-war cinema, as does Korngold’s brilliant King’s Row, perhaps the greatest film score of the first half of the century, which, according to legend, was also the inspiration for the Star Wars score as requested by George Lucas.

The post-war era is represented by Nino Rota‘s typically Mediterranean music, sometimes grotesque and trivial, sometimes tear-jerkingly lyrical, with the soundtracks of The Godfather.

The praising of John Williams could go on for days on end. For this concert we deliberately didn’t pick one of his most frequently performed works. However, it is surely one that showcases the composer’s mastery, characterisation ability and consistent thematic thinking, as well as his brilliant polyphony.

The concert’s final work, The Witches of Eastwick, is a treasure in universal music history, a work that every major Romantic composer from Berlioz to Richard Strauss would surely have undertaken without hesitation.



Budafok Dohnányi Orchestra

Presented and conducted by: Gábor Hollerung

2021-08-22 - 15:00
SRK Wáberer Sportcentrum - SÁROSPATAK, 3950, RÁKÓCZI ÚT
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