Here’s another one of those initiatives of the Budafok Dohnányi Orchestra that, as we strongly believe, will be creative and bringing pleasure to a great number of people. This Halloween concert is not a copy of the commercialized American folk celebration, but an attempt to evoke the ancient Celtic tradition, with music ranging from the frightening through the cathartic to the playful type.

“Basically, our approach to the scary, to death is very strange, mystical and diverse. It’s something quite ambivalent because we do enjoy consuming the culture of our fears, in any art form. We find a witch story exciting, we are actually attracted to Satan, to the diabolical. In many pieces of music, we encounter the feeling and the idea of horror, and in fact, it is usually these parts that are the most popular in a work of music. Well now, our audience is hereby invited to this kind of spooky – but actually more enjoyable than frightening – evening of music,” said Gábor Hollerung, BDO’s Music Director and conductor of the evening.

The programme is designed to provide both music fans and audiences who are less likely to attend classical music concerts with an exciting and engaging experience. The musical pieces to be played are by Musorgsky, Berlioz, Saint-Saëns, Gounod, Verdi, and there will also be excerpts from Levente Gyöngyösi’s opera-musicals, as well as various film scores and musical excerpts from the works of John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith and Webber. Light and dance elements to be composed during the performance will serve to boost the overall effect.


Orsolya Sáfár – soprano
Rita Rácz – soprano
Zoltán Gavodi – tenor
Tivadar Kiss – tenor
Krisztián Cser – bass

Budapest Academic Choral Society (choirmaster: Ildikó Balassa)
Budafok Dohnányi Orchestra

conducted by: Gábor Hollerung

2022-10-28 - 22:00
Müpa, Bartók Béla Nemzeti Hangversenyterem - Budapest, Komor Marcell u. 1, 1095
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