Börzsönyi, Máté

Member of the orchestra since October 2013. When not playing with us, Máté gets involved in anything associated with the horn.

Favourite composers: Mozart, Brahms, R. Strauss, Dvořák and whatever is on in the current programme.

Favourite compositions: An Alpine Symphony, Till Eulenspiegel, Mozart’s Symphony in A Major, K. 201, Brahms’ Symphonies No. 2 and No. 4.

‘Although we vary in character, the common goal called Music and us being in the same boat create a special bond among us. Rehearsals are run in a cheerful atmosphere.

Everyone considers the orchestra to be their own baby, we drive each other towards continuous progress. The combination of this constant striving to improve and achieve higher quality, the intensity of concerts and Gábor’s inspiring personality form a special blend, and the energy radiating from all that is what captures the audience.

In Hungary’s music life Dohnányi Orchestra represents a unique tone and a wide dynamic range that we call „Chicago” among ourselves. I love playing at concerts, I enjoy the amazing vibe and the colourful programmes. We play a symphonic repertoire, but also opera, movie  soundtracks, pop music and small orchestration, and what’s more, we perform on authentic instruments.

I wish my colleagues and the audience harmony, happiness, good health, success, and wealth – both material and of the soul.’