The emotional atmosphere for tonight’s concert will be created by four exceptional artists.

Gyula Fekete’s Cupido Symphony opens with a sophisticated harmony of romance, passion and lyricism, combining deep emotion and rich sounds. Upon the composer’s invitation, the audience will have a chance to embark on a unique musical journey.

Then we get to be immersed in the magical world of Nino Rota’s Romeo and Juliet. Rota wrote this work for Franco Zeffirelli’s 1968 film of the same title. In keeping with the Shakespearean idea that music is the food of love, Rota composed this music with love at its heart. In line with Zeffirelli’s general ideas, the composer also paid particular attention to period accuracy, which was reflected both in the orchestration and the musical style. The famous love theme evokes innocence and, at the same time, the intensity and agony of the feeling of first love.

After the interval, a stunning portrayal of passion and tragedy, Tchaikovsky’s Romeo and Juliet Fantasy Overture will bring romance to its climax. Tchaikovsky created a virtuosic portrayal of the passion and drama of tragedy; the music is full of emotion and dramatic tension. The composition displays the strong emotional states of the characters, and Tchaikovsky depicts the important moments of the tragedy in a brilliant way.

As a final chord to the evening, excerpts from Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet will be performed.  The composer’s musical narrative to Shakespeare’s tragedy offers sharp contrasts and a unique sound. Special emphasis is given to disharmonious elements and emotional conflicts between the characters, reflecting the musical avant-garde of the early 20th century. Prokofiev employs complex musical structures and makes creative use of orchestral tones to create a modern sound. The work reflects the composer’s openness to unusual rhythms and orchestration, expressing the musical experimentation of the time.


Conducted by: Guido Mancusi


Gyula Fekete: Cupido Symphony
Nino Rota:  Romeo and Juliet – excerpts
Tchaikovsky: Romeo and Juliet Fantasy Overture
Prokofiev:  Romeo and Juliet – excerpts

2024-05-03 - 19:30
Liszt Ferenc Music Academy - Budapest, Liszt Ferenc tér 8, 1061
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