A short list of MYNK’s authentic features: something new, innovative, mind-blowingly passionate – pushing the boundaries of instruments.

Concert ingredients:

– venue: given

– atmosphere: Mediterranean

– mood: Latin

– fun : guaranteed

– pieces: scorchingly rhythmic, BUT

most of all, unconventionally colourful!

The recipe for their repertoire is kept secret on purpose, but their audiences are in for an exhilarating experience – that’s for sure!


Nikolett Kristó-Varga – violin
Szilvia Nagy – violin
Boglárka Tuza – viola
Brigitta Mészáros – cello


2022-08-18 - 16:00
Újhuta - Kastélyszálló - 3936 Háromhuta, Kossuth út 2.
MYNK Quartet / Zemplén Festival
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