For the first time, BDO DAY audiences can now listen to the BDO Big Band, a unique ensemble formed by members of the symphony orchestra, which is a regular performer at BDO-related events and concerts.
With today’s show, they invite us on a journey together, from reinterpreted classical tunes and film scores in big band guise to traditional big band music. In this exciting musical journey, American jazz standards will be performed by two outstanding guest vocal artists, Lilla Polyák and Bálint Gájer.


BDZ Big Band

Ferenc Csatos, Attila Monoki, Antal Nagy, Csaba Puskás – trumpet
András Sütő, Péter Pálinkás, Olivér Gáspár, Gábor Hegyi – trombone
Bence Szepesi, Marcell Horváth, Keve Ablonczy, Viktor Nagy, Dániel Mester – clarinet, saxophone
Gyula Lázár – double bass
Zsolt Nagy – drum
József Csikós – piano

Bálint Gájer, Lilla Polyák – vocal

2022-09-25 - 18:00
Zeneakadémia, Great Hall - Budapest, Liszt Ferenc tér 8, 1061
Musical adventures with the BDO Big Band – FROM CLASSIC HITS TO FILM MUSIC
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