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In this symphonic documentary about the life, daily work, struggles, miracles and musicality of the Budafok Dohnányi Orchestra and Gábor Hollerung, András Sólyom takes the viewer behind the scenes. To the place where the musicians, the office staff and the “boss” appear as humans. Renowned and acclaimed cinematographer and director Nóra Élő – who is also co-producer of the film with the orchestra – started filming at the request and idea of BDO’s patron, during rehearsals and concerts in April 2018, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the ensemble. Many recordings were made, and András Sólyom was held “prisoner” by and of the orchestra. For more than a year, he lived, breathed and travelled with them, recording the same rehearsal or even concert scene from several camera angles, in several attempts, talking to musicians and organisers in a focused and planned way, and in the end, after a long and arduous process, he put together a fast-paced, dynamic and exciting film from the many raw materials. The orchestra is united in its pride to make an appearance in front of the audience in such a wonderful, new form, too! They are confident that anyone who watches the film will understand the BDO phenomenon and the secret of BDO’s joyful music-making even better.

With the support of the Municipality of Sárospatak

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2020-08-21 - 20:00
Kertmozi (Sárospataki Képtár udvara) - Sárospatak, Szent Erzsébet u. 14, 3950
LIFE, JOY, MUSIC / Zemplén Festival 2020
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