Budafok Dohnányi Orchestra’s spectacular Game Music Show will feature music from the most popular, iconic video games, dance and fascinating visuals for gamers and audiences open to exciting symphonic music.

The spectacular concert show will feature some of the most popular and now iconic early video game music, as well as music from today’s iconic games, with an amazing visual and dance performance reminiscent of the original video games.

Although video game music has been a very popular concert theme in Japan for decades, it is only now making its way to Hungary, courtesy of Budafok Dohnányi Orchestra and Guido Mancusi.


Anna Fellegi, Péter Magyar, András Zoltán Simon – vocals
Solar eclipse – fire show
ARLtistic Dance Company (choreographer: Réka Lilla Albert)
Honvéd Male Choir (choirmaster: Richárd Riederauer)
Budapest Academical Choir Society (choirmaster: Ildikó Balassa)
Budafok Dohnanyi Orchestra

Host: Barna Baranyai
Conductor: Guido Mancusi

The cosplayers are provided by

2024-06-09 - 19:00
MVM Dome - Budapest, Üllői út 131, 1098
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