So what could be the definition of Latin vibes? Sizzling passion, blood-pumping rhythms, tense dance music, a coffee-smelling, sultry Caribbean atmosphere, with a touch of South American flair… This is what our concert today offers you: an extraordinary journey into the world of Spanish and Latin music and flair.

The first stop of our journey is Spain. Chabrier‘s work was inspired by a trip to Spain: we can almost feel the joy and happiness of the people of Aragón. Rodrigo‘s work takes us to Aranjuez, the royal residence of the King of Spain near Madrid, evoking the splendour of the place, and the romantic gardens. The heartbreakingly beautiful second movement of the piece depicts the composer’s grief after the loss of his first child, with wonderful melodies and orchestration. In the third movement, the elegance and splendour of the palace returns. From here we fly straight to Mexico. Huapango is a Mexican musical style, presented to us by José Moncayo in a giddy orchestration.

Then we stay some more in South America: Jewish-born Czech composer Erwin Schulhoff was one of the firsts to recognise the potential of jazz-like dance music in classical compositions. In his work Hot-Sonate, we can recognize the rhythms and harmonies typical of jazz music. In today’s concert, you can hear this piece of music evoking Piazzola in a superb orchestration by Balázs Horváth.

Marquez‘s music transports us to Cuba. The piece is inspired by the composer’s visit to a Cuban ball: the overflowing passion, power and joie de vivre experienced in such a ballroom will be made tangible to the audience. Tight rhythms and unadulterated Latin melodies characterise this composition, which has been a worldwide success for Gustavo Dudamel and his ensemble. And at the very end of the concert, we invite you on a trip to South America, into the Argentine countryside, ending the night’s programme with a lively dance.


Marcell Horváth – alto saxophone
Borbála Seres – guitar

Conducted by: Yeruham Sharovsky


Chabrier: Espagna
Rodrigo: Concierto de Aranjuez
Piazzola: Adiós Nonino
Moncayo: Huapango
Erwin Schulhoff – Balázs Horváth: Hot-Sonate
Marquez: Danzon No. 2.
Ginastera: Estancia-suite: Danza del Trigo and Malambo

2023-11-22 - 19:30
Liszt Ferenc Music Academy - Budapest, Liszt Ferenc tér 8, 1061
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