Haydn is a great master of Viennese Classicism, who left behind a rich oeuvre. Still very popular, his works are regularly performed in concerts in our day. Tonight, Budafok Dohnányi Orchestra will perform the overture to his perhaps lesser-known opera L’incontro improvviso. This work is the sixth of Haydn’s 13 operas, written in 1775 for the private theatre of the Eszterházy court. It is set in the Middle East and has an oriental theme. And although it is not one of his most successful works, its overture is very popular and has everything to make you love Haydn’s works.

Schubert left behind five unfinished symphonies, of which Symphony No.7 is the only one that was structurally complete, and for each movement Schubert prepared sketches and orchestrated the slow introduction to the work. He then set the work aside to write an opera, and ultimately never got back to it again. Over the centuries, many attempts have been made to make this symphony accessible to the public, and tonight the orchestra will play the version that was completed by Austrian composer Richard Dünser and conductor Mario Venzago. This version is also special because the less inspiring middle movement has been replaced by musical sketches by Schubert from the year of his death. The result is the grandiose work known as Symphony No. 7, which is being performed in this form for the first time in Hungary this evening.


Mitra Kotte – piano
Conducted by: Guido Mancusi


Haydn: L’incontro improvviso – overture
Beethoven: No. 4 (in G major) piano concerto
Schubert: Symphony No. 7 (in E major), reconstruction by Richard Dünser – Hungarian première

2023-05-19 - 19:00
Klauzál House - Budapest, Nagytétényi út 31-33, 1222
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