Zemplén Festival has been more than just a job for Budafok Dohnányi Orchestra for many years now. It is also a way for the members and friends of the orchestra to chill and have fun together: in addition to the unique acoustics of the Sárospatak Castle Court, they can spend more time together in this beautiful countryside than it would be possible on a normal day of the year amidst the many rehearsals and concerts. Small ensembles formed by BDO members also have regular opportunities to perform at the Festival.

BDO a’la cARTe chamber orchestra, formed by Hajnalka Kalla-Tóta and Tünde Bánhegyi (violin), János Markó (viola), Dániel Helecz (cello), Bence Botár (double bass), Dávid Kanyó (flute) and Bence Szepesi (clarinet, saxophone), was founded in 2016. The goal was to create a small ensemble that would combine a full range of string instruments with wind instruments to create a wide and unique repertoire. The string quintet was thus joined by the three most versatile wind instrument families: the flute, clarinet and saxophone. All three wind instruments are prominent representatives not only of classical-romantic music, but also of the worlds of light (pop) music, jazz and Latin music. Their interesting and mouth-watering name is a reflection of the versatility of their repertoire: the audience can enjoy a varied programme in an elegant yet convivial restaurant where they can choose from an a la carte menu of the best dishes.

This year’s Zemplén Festival will feature well-known melodies by Piazzolla and Verdi, as well as a Philip Glass composition originally written for the same arrangement, and the première of a composition by Tamás Pánczél (also a violinist and composer of BDO), written for the ensemble. And why else should you attend their concert? Budafok Dohnányi Orchestra’s BDO A’la cARTe formation is unique in the country and internationally, too: the stylistic diversity of both the saxophone and clarinet, that of the flute/piccolo/alto flute instruments, combined with a string quintet, offers the audience an opportunity for complete relaxation. The icing on the cake is that they are not only colleagues but friends, too – which is always an added bonus for them and the audience.


Hajnalka Kalla-Tóta – violin
Tünde Bánhegyi – violin
János Markó – viola
Dániel Helecz – cello
Bence Botár – double bass
Dávid Kanyó – flute
Bence Szepesi – clarinet, saxophone


2021-08-21 - 16:00
Patricius Borház - Bodrogkisfalud, Várhegy dűlő, 3917
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